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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Software Quality:

Q1. Is it necessary for the consultants and assessors to be from separate parties / persons ?

Answer: It has to be from different persons.

Q2. Why do I need CMM consultants? There are many CMM books and training in the market. What value(s) can I get from CMM consultants ?

Answer: CMM consultants can help the organization to shorten the time required, learn from others' mistakes and so on

Q3. How is CMMI different from SW-CMM? (For Small enterprise) Which framework should I go for ?

Answer: There are different CMM’s for different industries / purposes – SW-CMM, people-CMM, etc. CMMI was introduced to cover these different variations. An organization should choose the appropriate framework (e.g. SW-CMM, CMMI) according to their particular situation.

Q4. Once an enterprise got certified by SEI to attain a certain CMM level, say CMM4, does the CMM company have to get reaudit in future to keep the status? say, a reaudit by SEI assessor every year?

Answer: Not required.