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Development Process Consulting
Successful migration to Agile, Use Case driven development process, UML, Object Modelling, Object-oriented Technologies, and so on requires trained people, defined processes, quality measurement, and project management.

When you start to plan introducing Agile, Use Case driven development process in your organization, you have to think about many different aspects: for example, Unified Process, Object Modelling language, Object-oriented (OO) Analysis & Design method, OO database, reuse policy, OO metrics, development lifecycle, project team structure, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) / Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, and training.

Our consulting service is designed to assist organizations to speed up the introduction of Agile, Use Case driven development process.

We believe the requirements of each organisation are different. A customised approach tailored for a particular company will always produce a higher chance of success.

The client company can benefit in:
  • migrating the project team to Agile, Use Case driven development process in a shorter period.

  • lowering the overall cost for the development to change to object orientation.

  • learn from others, minimize the chance of mistakes.
  • Workshops / pilot projects to achieve quick wins.

  • Training programs for managers, and developers.

  • Consulting / coaching services.

  • Implementation support.

  • Software testing.

  • Tools.